DISClaimer: Nashville's Pop/Rock Scene On Fire

DISClaimer: Nashville’s Pop/Rock Scene On Fire

Robert K. Oermann • June 18, 2014 •

CLAY McCLINTON/Stories We Can Tell
Writers: Clay McClinton/Gary Nicholson; Producer: Gary Nicholson; Publisher: none listed; Red Chili (track)
-The shadow of Clay’s dad, Delbert McClinton, looms large over the Nashville blues-rock landscape. Perhaps that’s why the son plies his trade in Austin. He calls his blues-rock-country sound “Texas gumbo,” which is pretty accurate. This righteous, rollicking “outlaw” sounding country-rocker appears on Clay’s Bitin’ at the Bit CD. The disc includes reworkings of such classics as “Poison Love,” “Just Dropped In” and his pop’s “Victim of Life’s Circumstances,” as well as a clutch of excellent originals like this. Nashville luminaries in on the sessions include Dan Dugmore, Guthrie Trapp, Bob Britt, Kenny Vaughn and Colin Linden, as well as producer/writer Nicholson and Delbert, hisself.

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