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Clay McClinton

Clay McClinton at Station Inn
When: Wed., June 1, 9 p.m.
Price: $12

OK, we all know that being the scion of a talented — even immensely talented — parent is no guarantee of anything good when it comes to following in their musical footsteps, and there are plenty of names to prove the point. But there are some strong offspring out there too, and a passable Exhibit A is Delbert McClinton’s son, Clay, who makes his Station Inn (though not his Nashville) debut with a punchy, right-on-the-money band. There might be pressures in some parts of the creative world for a youngster to take a different path than his father, but there’s not much of that in the roots music world, where tradition is, after all, a touchstone. So if you dig Delbert, you’re pretty likely to dig Clay, who’s coming right along in those footsteps — and doing just fine at it.
— Jon Weisberger

• 402 12th Ave. S.
• 255-3307

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