CD Review

With Clay McClinton's debut CD, Out of the Blue, you get eleven original, great songs that give the listener a really cool blend of blues, honky tonk with a little rock mixed in. True, Clay is the son of Grammy winner Delbert McClinton and so Delbert's influence is pretty much to be expected, but, even though the acorn did not fall far from the tree, the music you hear is Clay's own unique style. And you are going to love that style. Clay really gets into his music. Using his strong vocals, he sings his tunes with conviction and feelings that embrace the listener and does not let go. In addition to his singing prowess, Clay is also an extremely talented songwriter. His stories are inspired, poetic and reflect a sense of maturity that really belies his 31 years. The musical accomplishment on the CD is incredible. Clay and his band present the just right mix of strings, drums, horns and keyboards to complete an already dynamite CD. As the son of a Grammy winner, expectations can be extremely high and can create a daunting challenge. Based on his debut CD, Clay McClinton is most certainly up to that challenge.
Brenda Barbee - RMR Staff Reviewer

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