Livin' Out Loud, Clay McClinton

Clay McClinton's Livin' Out Loud is a Country record that takes on the soul of folk, cool beats of jazz and the heart of the blues. "Driftin' Away With You" allows listeners to do just that. They will drift away on the smooth, laid back beats of this track while "Gone to Mexico" will get them on the dance floor with the Spanish flavor heard throughout. The array of styles heard on Livin' Out Loud is just the thing needed for eclectic music fans. No one likes to hear the same note on repeat and Clay McClinton takes that into account and gives true music fans a buffet of sounds that fans of everyone from Alan Jackson to Terry Garland will love.

Track 1: "Whole Lotta Work" kicks off the record with a whole lotta energy. It's a lively tune that will keep bodies moving and grooving from beginning to end. It's one of those songs that can instantly change a bad mood into one that's all smiles. Clay claims, "It's a whole lotta work to have a little fun," but all one would need to have is this tune to get the fun started.

Track 6: "The One You Loved" is heartfelt and all about heartbreak. Showing that he has many sides to who he is, Clay opens up with this one and lets the emotions spill out. The hurt transforming into musical ecstasy with every note delivered by Clay. His and Jonell Mosser's voices blend ceaselessly together, representing the heartbreak felt on each side.

Track 10: "Trouble is Easy to Find" showcases the Blues Clay adds to his Country charm. This one takes the beat down a notch but cranks up to "cool cat" meter for the Jazz factor. It's as if Clay took a break and headed straight for the Harlem Renaissance to head up the latest night club with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Cecil Scott.

-Kendra Beltran of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions

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